Service Area

Oh My Dog! (Sitters) LLC serves the Lacey, Olympia and Tumwater areas of Thurston County Washington.  Zone A (see image) is our primary service area for standard pet sitting services.  We do serve outside this area with a small mileage charge per visit (see Zones B,C,D). 

If you’re unsure which zone of our service area you’re in, email us at, we’d be glad to answer your questions!

Map Zone A is our primary service area.
Zone A is roughly bordered by RW Johnson Blvd SW (SPSCC area), Cooper Point Rd to 26th Ave NW, 26th Ave NE, Carpenter Road, Spurgeon Creek Rd, 89th Ave SE, Olympia Regional Airport area, and 70th Ave SW.

Map Zone A

Map Zone B
Add $8 per visit
Map Zone B is roughly from Black Lake to Delphi Rd SW; Cooper Point to Evergreen Parkway NW, (TESC); 26th to 36th Ave NW, 26th to 36th Ave NE, South Bay Rd and Hawks Prairie Rd NE; Carpenter to Meridian/Yelm Hwy; 89th Ave SE to Offut Lake;
93rd to McCorkle; to 93rd and Littlerock.

Map Zone B

Map Zone C
Add $15 per visit
Map Zone C includes Littlerock Rd from 93rd to 110th; Delphi Rd south of 62nd;
Madrona Beach, Oyster Bay Rd, Elizan Beach, Gravelly Beach, Sunrise Beach areas; Steamboat Island Rd south of 79th.

Map Zone C

Map Zone D
Add $20 per visit
Map Zone D includes the Summit Lake area and Steamboat Island Rd north of 79th.

Map Zone D

Zip Codes 98501, 98502, 98503, 98506, 98512, 98513, 98516