About Us

Oh My Dog! (Sitters) LLC is licensed in Lacey, Olympia, & Tumwater, in Thurston County Washington and is insured through PSA, including coverage for client’s property (similar to bonding).

We are also insured for house-sitting without pets.

Our sitters are employees who work as a team. This allows us to be more available for your pet care needs!

Oh My Dog! (Sitters) LLC is an independent, local, woman-owned, small business based in Olympia, Washington.

Oh My Dog! (Sitters) LLC is a member of PUPS (Professional United Pet Sitters) and PSA (Pet Sitter Associates, LLC) and Amy is a Certified Fear Free Professional.

Amy Garrison, Owner of Oh My Dog! (Sitters) LLC

I’ve had pets my whole life.  Growing up we had several dogs, cats, rabbits & ducks, and a couple of lambs for a time.  My grandparents even had a pair of pet skunks and a woodchuck!  I loved horseback riding at the local stable and visiting the calves at the dairy farm.  As an adult, being a military family (now retired) we were more limited, but our dogs and cats have always been a part of our family.

I have experience with the young and old ones, the well and not-so-well.  In our house, we’ve dealt with allergies, auto-immune disorders, Addison’s disease, Cushings, arthritis, hip dysplasia, cancer(s), kidney disease, UTIs, surgeries, physical therapy, alternative therapies, the list goes on.  I understand the level of care and gentle handling they require.

Dana Gordon

Dana accepted a great opportunity at Four Paws Animal Rehabilitation in Olympia, so while we still love her, she’s no longer pet sitting.