New Software!

We are very excited to announce that Oh My Dog! (Sitters) LLC is implementing new Pet Sitting Software to improve your experience as you use our services! The new software is called Time To Pet and all of our customers now have their very own Client Portal account on the system. Using your Client Portal, you can now provide real-time updates to all of your pet information, your information as well as request future services, view all scheduled events, view your invoices and more.

For your (furry) Valentine…

Want a great gift for your furry Valentine?

Schedule a weekly walk with Oh My Dog! (Sitters) LLC.
Time slots currently available in Lacey, Olympia, or Tumwater. We can come once a week for an exercise walk whether you’re at home or at work.

Have a great day, even if you are stuck in a cone! 🥰

“I can’t thank you enough

Gab Gab‎ to Oh My Dog Sitters

“I can’t thank you enough for pet sitting our cats last week. Thanks to your service we were able to go on our first family trip since relocating to Olympia, Washington. Your service exceeded our expectation and we are grateful to have found you through our veterinarian (Dr. Saunders). We look forward to working with you in the near future. Our Kitties (Wrigley, Perseus, Macaroni) thank you too!”

Elderly Lab Mix Wins Top Award at First American Rescue Dog Show

“A year ago, Jackie was on her last leg and scheduled to be put down after her owners dropped her at a rescue shelter.

Now, she’s an award-winning canine.

The 11-year-old black Lab mix recently won the first American Rescue Dog Show, a Westminster-style competition for shelter dogs.

Jackie, with a sweet face liberally spotted with gray, wowed the judges with her spirited gait and youthful exuberance, despite being elderly.”

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